What Maxine Waters Was Just Caught Doing Should Put Her In PRISON

California Representative Maxine Waters is on a mission to get Donald Trump impeached due to his supposed “crimes.” However, she has shown time and time again that the real criminal is herself.

Now, Waters has once again been caught in a corruption scandal, and this one might actually land her in prison.

According to Hannity, Senator Kamala Harris funneled around $90,000 into Waters’ campaign fund between 2010 and 2016. Harris wanted a campaign endorsement for Waters’ mailing list, and of course, Waters wasn’t going to just endorse her for FREE. These people are CRIMINALS, and Waters appears to be one of the ringleaders of the liberal circus.

There’s so much wrong with this story, that it’s hard to find a good point to jump in. First, there were two instances where money was exchanged — once in 2010, totaling $63,000, and again, in 2016, for the amount of $30,000. That seems like an AWFUL lot of money just to appear on a mailer.

We have to wonder WHERE that money came from, and why it was so readily transferred into Waters’ already bulging wallet. One would have to assume that Senator Harris paid for her endorsement with OUR tax dollars. This is an absolute outrage!

Next, you have to wonder if ALL the people on her mailing list paid her to get on there. If so, did they pay more, less, or about the same as Harris? It may seem inconsequential, but it’s nothing short of “pay for play,” which is what Hillary and other corrupt democrats are known for.

We know that since the “pay for play” mailer was developed, Waters scored close to $750,000 from it. Not bad for a lucrative little side project operated by Waters’ daughter. It should go without saying, but if her daughter is in charge of this project, then she knows about the corruption, and is likely a willing participant.

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