Michelle Obama Emerges to Make INFURIATING Announcement

There’s nothing Michelle Obama loved more from her time as First Lady than getting to rub elbows with Hollywood A-listers. She proved that this is still her main priority on Tuesday night when she dropped everything to make a surprise appearance at the liberal-leaning Women in Film awards ceremony.

The Washington Times reported that both Michelle and Hillary Clinton made surprise appearances at the event, where they were instantly worshipped by out-of-touch Hollywood elitists. Michelle took the stage to introduce Lucy Award winner Tracee Ellis Ross, a sitcom star who is the daughter of Diana Ross. Michelle made it clear that she was trying to kiss up to the A-list family with her over-the-top speech about the actress.

“Your character on ‘Black-ish,’ Bow, is an inspiration for folks all across this country,” Michelle said, ignoring the fact that the majority of Americans are far more inspired by members of the military rather than sitcom characters.

Clinton unsurprisingly took a veiled shot at President Donald Trump, implying that he is a “disaster” when she said she hasn’t seen the new feminist movie “Wonder Woman.”

“Something tells me that a movie about a strong powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley,” Clinton said.

The fact that Michelle and Clinton spent last night hobnobbing with the rich and famous reminds its once again of why millions of Americans are glad they are out of power. SHARE this story if you think they should BOTH go BACK TO THE WOODS!

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