Bill Clinton Launches Vile Attack On Trump – It IMMEDIATELY Backfires

Given the fact that he was impeached, former President Bill Clinton is the last person who should be offering presidential advice to anyone. However, that’s exactly what he did last week when he tried to insult Trump by offering advice about how he feels a president should act. However, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to remind Clinton that he was a terrible president himself.

Independent Journal Review reported that Clinton appeared with former President George W. Bush on Friday at an event to celebrate the graduating class of the 2017 Presidential Leadership Scholars. While they were onstage, Clinton and Bush were asked what the most important quality someone who wants to be president needs to obtain.

“I also think you have to begin with the end in mind,” Clinton said. “That is, you have to say, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to win the election, but why in the heck are you running?’ […] If you want to be president, realize it’s about the people not about you.”

He went on to say that when a person is done in office, they should be able to look back over their work and see how they’ve improved people’s lives. Clearly, Clinton is forgetting that he left office in disgrace after his corruption and classless behavior was exposed.

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