BREAKING: Unidentified Military Jet Flying Over Seattle

The people of Seattle, Washington are terrified this week after an unidentified airplane has been spotted flying over the city.

The plane appears to be some kind of military aircraft and it has been circling Seattle for two weeks. However, the Department of Defense has not revealed what the aircraft is, and aviation experts are stumped by it.

The plane is reportedly a uniform gray and has only a cryptic tail number. Though the serial number written on it makes it seem that is or at least it was a U.S. government property, U.S. military organizations are not aware of CN-235 or its activities.

Air Force Special Operations Command vaguely said at one point that the aircraft may be tied to them and was being used in a training exercise, but they refused to say anything else about it.

Photos of the aircraft and publicly-available flight paths show that it was circling over urban areas of the city that are highly populated.

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